At Sunbury Manor we are committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum; one that enables all students to develop essential skills and knowledge before branching out into their chosen fields of study at Key Stage 4. All students in year 7, 8 and 9 study English, Maths, History, Geography, R.E, Spanish, Computing and Physical Education. In addition, one of the things we pride ourselves on is the fact that Music, Art, Drama, Food and Nutrition, Design and Technology, Biology, Chemistry and Physics are all taught as discrete subjects, timetabled on a weekly basis throughout the whole academic year. We believe that this allows all individuals to develop their strengths and talents.

To ensure individuals are allowed to grow and develop, we deliver discrete lessons in Life Skills and Citizenship. These subjects not only equip students with the necessary skills to discuss moral and social issues and question the world around them, they also provide them with study skills and the tools needed to become independent learners.

In Year 10, students enter Key Stage 4 where the curriculum is centred on GCSEs. We encourage students to select a broad and balanced range of subjects that will enable them to progress into post-16 education or training of their choice.  In addition, all students continue to have lessons in Life Skills (Citizenship & PSHE), Belief & Ethics and Physical Education.

We take great pride in celebrating the progress made by our students and recognise individual achievement, not only whilst they are members of the school community but by proudly displaying the individual career successes of past students which serves as an inspiration to us all.