As a parent, it is so important that you support your child to attend school regularly and on time. In the case of illness, or any other unavoidable circumstance, parents should complete this online form (Click Here) as early as possible on the morning and certainly before 8.30am. It is a legal requirement that any unexplained absence is kept on record and reported.  If you know of any absence in advance, i.e. medical appointments, please do let us know in plenty of time.

Punctuality: Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child leaves home in time to arrive at school punctually.  Students are late if they arrive after 8.30am, missing Tutor Time, Assembly and possibly the beginning of their first lesson; this means that they miss important information and often disrupt the teaching and learning of others.

Medical appointments:  The school expects parents to try to arrange these visits out of school hours.  Should it be necessary for a student to leave the school site during the day, we kindly request that you provide the school with evidence of this via a GP appointment card, etc. If this is not provided, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised. Students are expected to return to school after morning appointments.

Holidays: The school expects parents to arrange family holidays and outings outside of term time.

Ten Attendance Tips: How can I help my child attend School regularly?

  1. Ensure they pack their bag the night before.
  2. Ensure that their uniform is ready, especially after the holidays or weekend.
  3. Get them to bed at a reasonable hour so that they get a good night’s sleep – Don’t let them take their phone to bed.
  4. Set the alarm clock early enough to allow plenty of time to get ready properly.
  5. Make sure they have breakfast.
  6. Remind them to set off in the car, the train, the bus, or start walking early enough so that they are not late.
  7. Check to make sure they have everything they need.
  8. Talk to your child about what they did at school today.
  9. Ensure your child has completed any tasks set on SatchelOne/SMHW or revised for any tests (as this can cause undue anxiety if not completed and can lead to non-attendance).
  10. If you are at all worried about your child’s attendance please contact their tutor as soon as possible so that we can offer support.

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