Care, Welfare and Guidance

It is a fundamental belief at Sunbury Manor that the care and welfare of individuals is the foundation upon which everything stands. Children of all ages and abilities, whatever their individual needs, are encouraged and supported throughout their time at school.
Arranged in peer tutor groups, students are assigned a Form Tutor who will, ideally, stay with them throughout their time at school and become their first point of contact for any guidance or support they might need. Leading each year group team will be a Head of Year who will not only look after the pastoral side of school life but will also oversee and track each individual’s academic progress.
In addition, the school invests heavily in an on-site wellbeing team who offer an invaluable level of support to both the students and staff who are responsible for looking after them. This means that should a student have a problem during the course of the day, there is always an adult available to listen and offer support.
To meet the demands of an ever changing world, we also ensure that all students have access to
good quality careers guidance. This aspect of the school’s work is so well embedded in what we do that we were awarded Investors in Careers status. We are very proud to be one of very few schools in Surrey to hold this accolade. One of the things often commented on, by visitors to the school, is the relationships between students and staff. We pride ourselves on being a school community that does not shout and we instil to all students and staff the need to show mutual courtesy and respect at all times.