Sunbury Manor School has, for many years, been delighted to have the opportunity to provide Ballboys and Ballgirls for the All England Lawn Tennis Championships at Wimbledon. The youngsters you see in the photograph are the continuation of a long line of students who have been representing the school at Wimbledon since 1998.

To gain the uniforms you see them so proudly wear takes months of dedication and hard work. Training usually begins in school during the November prior to the Championships. Competition to gain the right to represent the school is always very high, with students undergoing trials and an interview process before even starting the training at Wimbledon.

Hours of training at the All England club are to be endured, alongside the hours of travelling to and from the Covered Courts. Training starts at 4pm and continues until 6:30pm. The de-brief that follows and the journey home means that many of the students do not reach home until 8pm. To simply say they are committed to the idea of becoming a Ballgirl or Ballboy would be an understatement. For all of them the travel and training simply becomes a part of their life.

Many of the youngsters represent the school on the main Show Courts at the All England Club, including Centre and Number One Courts. Some of them may even take part in both the Ladies’ and Mens’ Finals.

As a school, we are extremely proud of their achievements and delighted that they continue the great tradition of Sunbury Manor providing Ballboys and Ballgirls for Wimbledon.