FAQs - Post-16 Applications

In KS4, students should now be thinking about their post-16 options and next steps after Sunbury Manor School. Whilst this is an exciting time, it can also be quite daunting for many students (and parents) who are unsure of the process. We hope the following information will shed some light and answer any questions you may have.  


When do college applications open?


College applications open any time from July to September/October for the following academic year. There are no set dates when applications open, it is simply a case of going onto the College websites and checking if you can apply.  

Be aware that some colleges may still be accepting applications from last year’s Year 11 cohort so check the entry date on the application form.  


When do college applications close?


In terms of application deadlines, the only college we are aware of with an early closure date is Esher, with a deadline around September of Year 11.  


Other colleges usually keep their applications open until as late as the following September when the new college academic year starts. However, popular courses can become full so we strongly advise students to apply early to avoid disappointment. We recommend applying before Christmas.  


How do I apply for college?


Applying for college is all done on-line. Applications do vary slightly across the different colleges in terms of the forms process. Some colleges will have an “apply now” button on their homepage, some require you to go to the course information page where you can “add to basket”. It is simply a case of applying on-line via the college website and following their instructions.  


Some application forms may ask for predicted/target grades. These can be found on students’ Year 10 report. If you no longer have a copy of this, students can speak to their tutor who will be able to provide a copy. 


Once applied, students will be invited to an interview where they will discuss their application in further detail. This usually involves checking that the student is on the most suitable course and checking their predicted/target grades against the course criteria. Please see the ‘What to expect at the college interview’ information sheet for more detail regarding interviews.   

What To Expect At The College Interview
Students will then be offered a place and must achieve the course requirements in their exams. We advise students to apply to as many colleges as they are interested in and accept multiple offers if they are unsure. This will keep their options open and students can then make a firm decision on results day.  


After results day in August, students can then enroll at their chosen college.  


How do I apply for Sixth Form?


In terms of Sixth Form, these have early application closing dates. The process is very similar to colleges. Students must go to the sixth form website and usually download an application form which they submit via email. Interviews will follow and then there are open days for successful applicants. Below is some further information regarding our most popular sixth form destinations for Sunbury Manor students.  


St Paul’s Sixth Form 

Bishop Wand Sixth Form 


How do I apply for an apprenticeship?


Apprenticeships are when you have a job in industry, so students gain real experience in the workplace while achieving a qualification. They also get paid a small wage and some apprenticeship schemes will even pay students to go to University.  

For those students wishing to undertake an apprenticeship, they can be found in a variety of places including directly on employer websites. If there is a particular employer that students would like an apprenticeship with, it is worth contacting them directly to see if it is something they offer.  


Alternatively, apprenticeship opportunities can be here: 







Apprenticeship opportunities tend to open up in the new year but they are extremely competitive so it is always worth having a backup. We recommend students also apply to college to keep their options open. A lot of colleges also have apprenticeship links so it is worth exploring their websites.  


We hope that this information has made the post-16 application processes a little clearer. Please do not hesitate to contact Miss L Pacey if you have any other queries or concerns.  


Miss L Pacey 

Careers Leader and Teacher of Physical Education 
01932 784258 (Ext 6165)