Head Students

    Lily Clements and Harry McNeice

    Head Students V2

    Sunbury Manor School is a supportive environment that we believe has encouraged all of us to thrive on our own personal pathways. No matter your ambition you will always be pushed to succeed by both our teachers and students. Not only does Sunbury Manor acknowledge an individual’s strengths, but recognises and supports when you need more help.

    We feel that one of the greatest aspects about Sunbury Manor School is its unique opportunities that it offers all of its students, covering all areas of interest. One of our amazing sporting opportunities that our school offers is the chance to become a Ball Boy or Ball Girl at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in Year 9 and 10. Other extra-curricular sporting activities that students are encouraged to participate in consist of football, rugby, netball, badminton, cricket, rounders and many more. These can result in outstanding trips to venues like The Oval for cricket, Twickenham Rugby Stadium and the Copper Box. As well as this, our school provides us with the chance to become Sports Captains and Leaders to gain leadership skills. If sport is not your thing, Sunbury Manor provides multiple amazing opportunities such as Youth Speaks, subject trips, an annual drama production, college trips and the chance to apply to become a prefect, senior prefect, House Captain or Head student.

    The school’s House System encourages a friendly competitive nature around the school, which promotes involvement in a variety of House challenges and competitions. The Student Council provides a strong student voice, which contributes greatly to decision making within the school. These work together to push the school’s five core values; commitment, community, kindness, responsibility and respect. Overall, Sunbury Manor School is a safe and inclusive environment, which guides all students to thrive and develop as people throughout their five years.