Head Students

    HEAD STUDENT - Adam Monk

    I can’t believe I’m in my fifth year at Sunbury Manor! My first memory of school, walking into the hall and seeing so many new faces still feels like yesterday. All my years in school have flown by, and I can’t quite believe this is my last.

    This school has so much to offer to its students (including Mrs. Duncan’s amazing sense of humor) and I feel it has really helped me develop as an individual. The teachers all encourage students in and out of lesson and want you to do the best that you can. What separates this school from the rest is its focus on the students, and appreciation of individuality.

    When I joined in Year 7, there were only two other students from my primary school. I, like many other students in the year, was worried about and concerned about meeting new people, especially as there were so many I didn’t know, and very few I did. Sunbury Manor made the school environment comfortable by introducing me to my tutor group, which had a small group of about 20 people in it. We did fun and challenging team building activities, which really took away my feeling of anxiety and in place gave me a feeling of comfort and excitement. Everywhere I went I had at least one person that I knew. I was actually excited to come into school!

    The school has offered me so many opportunities that I will never forget and never would have had the opportunity to do elsewhere, such as going to watch rugby and football games, playing in school sports teams, and even going to New York. Oh, and can’t forget about the food. Its crazy to think of how much I have done at school other than just working, and I’ve learnt so much more than what the standard curriculum provides.

    Sunbury Manor has really helped me to be the best person I can be. I had one year where I wanted to see the other side of the fence, and started to be an unruly teen. I didn’t do homework, turned up to lessons late and did anything I could to rebel. When my tutor saw this was an ongoing problem, she had a meeting with me and asked why I wasn’t happy, if there were any teachers causing me problems and did her best to sort out the situation. My tutor considered my side of the story, which made a massive difference, and left me feeling appreciated. The staff treated me with respect despite my actions, and didn’t give up on me. Because of my tutor and the teachers, I set my priorities back in place and became a lot happier.

    Overall, I’m very fortunate for all Sunbury Manor has done for me. I’m proud to be a student, and was even more proud when I was chosen to be head boy.


    HEAD STUDENT - Jaime Roberts

    Arriving at Sunbury Manor for induction day was a daunting process. You enter the hall to see a sea of people in the same boat as you, terrified, yet extremely excited for the years ahead. My first thought upon seeing everyone was that the people I saw sat in front of me would be my friends for the next five years and hopefully, for many more to come. Despite the nerves, I felt comforted by the immediate support and guidance I received from Sunbury Manor’s staff; they continue to support and guide me to this day, towards what I aim to achieve.

    Sunbury Manor offers so many opportunities to the pupils which enable us to progress and grow as people. I can proudly say that I have taken advantage of every opportunity that my school has offered me and I can clearly see that I have changed for the better. These amazing opportunities can give you the chance to learn new skills, overcome fears, try new things and see new places. Also Sunbury Manor’s clubs can accommodate whatever someone’s passion is. Whether that is sports, writing, reading, art or helping others. I made the commitment to join the netball club and interact club; a club where we dedicate our time to the service of others, to do good and to represent my school as well as I could.

    As I enter my last year at Sunbury Manor I look back upon my journey here, from entering Year 7 as a shy girl to a young adult, confident but still working on it. I owe all my achievements and change to being a part of Sunbury Manor to which I am truly grateful. I am honoured to be Sunbury Manor’s Head Student for the next year and I will strive to do my best.


    Our Head Students are supported by the Deputy Head Students, Joe Levy, Jake Whittington, Nicole Watkins and Niamh Mason.