Head Students

    009542HEAD STUDENT - Ethan Freeman

    I am proud to say that I have been a student of Sunbury Manor school for the past 4 years, even though that may sound like a long time it really does go fast.

    I can remember 5 years ago listening to the speeches from the head student and thinking to myself, wow, I want to be like them in the future - and now I am speaking to you as the head boy of this school. But I could not have done it without the amazing support from the staff of Sunbury Manor.

    When I joined the school, only one other person came from my primary school, you may think this would have been daunting, but right from the beginning I felt right at home and quickly made new friends in both my tutor group and the wider school.

    Obviously as we all know, Covid has had a huge impact on school life the last 2 years but as things turn to normal the school is hoping to provide a great selection of opportunities from: trips in this country and abroad and a wide range after school clubs. These activities include sports teams like netball football and rugby, and if sports are not your thing we have Drama and Music clubs which put on productions like the Christmas pantomime.

    In year 9, I was lucky enough to go on the trip to France and Belgium where we visited battlefields, memorials, and my favourite the chocolate shop. However, no matter what your passions are the different departments will make sure there is something for you. Trips which have happened whilst I have been here are the Year 7 camp, several skiing trips around the world and we are hoping to go to the United Nations in New York which is a part of my citizenship GCSE.

    Our school has a great environment to learn and progress - I have made many great friends and will take away countless incredible memories when I leave at the end of this year.  I will always love being a part of Sunbury Manor School and I am honoured to be a part of its history.


    009573HEAD STUDENT - Samaa Hussein

    My name is Samaa Hussein and I am proud to say that I have been a student at Sunbury Manor School for the past 4 years. Sunbury Manor has been a huge part of my life and I have loved every moment and memory. Sunbury Manor has not only helped me academically, but mentally, and has shaped me into the person I looked up to.  On my open evening I remember entering the gates as a shy and nervous girl and sitting in a seat looking up at the head girl and thinking I wanted to be exactly like her, and here I am talking to you as the girl I aspired to be, which I could not have done without the support and encouragement of my teachers who helped me build the confidence I never thought I had.

    This school offers plenty of fun activities and opportunities, ranging from the crazy science practicals, the unforgettable school trips abroad and even the little things such as the day workshops where the whole year group gather together and do enjoyable activities. Personally, my favourite thing about this school is the passion and endorsement we receive, not only from the teachers but from our own peers as well, each teacher helps with the learning of every student in any subject whether that is maths, PE, history - whatever your desired subject is I can guarantee there is always someone there to guide and push you to reach the highest you possibly can.

    I am proud to hold the title of head girl and to be able to help the joining students and younger years feel safe and welcomed in our school, whilst also representing the school as a whole.