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    HEAD STUDENT - Elysia Kiteley

    Sunbury Manor has now been a part of my life for five years. It may not sound like a long time in retrospect, yet it has become important in my life and I can proudly say that those five years have shaped me and made me the person I am today. My name is Elysia Kiteley and I am just an ordinary student like everyone else. I am proof that anyone can achieve anything!

    I started off in Year 7, nervous and fearful just like most Year 7s. Though after a few days we all adjusted to the change from Primary School to Secondary School and it felt like we were all one big family. Students looked out for one another and teachers/tutors alike were there if I needed any support.  There were plenty of groups, events, and trips that I could get involved in and I knew that Sunbury Manor was the school for me.

    In my eyes, the best part about the school is how focused they are on letting each individual find and succeed at what they are best at. For me, my passion is art, for some of my friends its maths, others its science, yet it didn’t matter what subject because we were all celebrated and pushed to further our interest in that specific subject. Sunbury Manor has the determination to make its students succeed not only academically but emotionally.

    Being truthful, school is not always easy, and there have been hardships, but the school has pushed me through them and I am proud to be selected for the role of Head Student to represent Sunbury Manor.


    HEAD STUDENT - Dan McElroy

    Everyone is nervous on their first day of Secondary School. Everything is bigger. It often feels like every decision you make has more of an impact on yourself and the people around you - and often, it does. However, I found, at Sunbury Manor, every nervous student finds comfort pretty quickly, and guided by the staff and their peers, they start to look forward to the years ahead of them. I view my role as Head Student as a representative. It’s my privilege to represent the student body, and project the voice of every individual.

    Sunbury Manor is great at recognising people’s talents and passions and encouraging them – letting them flourish. I found this on a personal level, but I’ve also seen it with my peers too. The amount of opportunities that the different departments offer to students is incomparable. This is why I wanted to be Head Student. Assisting the organisation of events and finding ways to give back to the community sounded like something I could definitely see myself being involved in.

    I am thankful for the opportunities Sunbury Manor has presented to me, and I’m excited to join the Prefect Body and represent the students of this school.


    Our Head Students are supported by the Deputy Head Students, Anwen Cockshaw, Farrah Dutton and Bradley Gold.


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