Policies Date  
Anti-Bullying Policy 13th Mar 2020
Assessment Policy 13th Mar 2019
Behaviour for Learning Policy & Procedure 13th Mar 2020
Behaviour Policy 2020 Covid-19 Addendum Guidance 04th Jun 2020
Car Park Management Plan 24th Jun 2019
Charging and Remissions Policy 14th Jun 2017
Complaints Form Sunbury Manor.pdf 29th Jun 2017
Complaints Policy and Procedure Guidance 18th Mar 2020
Coronavirus Reopening Risk Assessment - Full Reopening in September 2020 04th Sep 2020
Data Protection Policy 14th Jun 2017
Due Diligence Check Policy - Use of onsite facilities by external visitors, private hire of school facilities and external speakers 08th May 2019
Equality Analysis SMS 28th Jun 2017
Home School Agreement 14th Jun 2017
Internal and External Assessment Appeals Procedures 28th Apr 2020
Internal Isolation Guidance 13th Mar 2020
Intimate Care Policy 30th Jun 2019
Mobile Phone Policy and Procedures 05th Jul 2017
Numeracy Policy 05th Jul 2017
Privacy Policy - Parent & Student Information 24th May 2018
RE and Collective Worship Policy 27th Apr 2020
Safeguarding Child Protection 2020 Covid-19 Addendum 08th Jul 2020
Safeguarding Child Protection Policy 13th Mar 2020
Safeguarding Child Protection Policy COVID-19 Update 20th Apr 2020
Safety Information for Visitors v2 10th Jun 2020
School Emergency Closure Policy 13th Mar 2020
SEND Policy (PDF) 14th Jun 2017
Sex and Relationship Education Policy 13th Mar 2020
Student Internet Use Policy 03rd May 2019
Supporting Students at Sunbury Manor School with Medical Conditions 29th Jun 2017
Whistle Blowing Policy 24th Sep 2018
Whole School Literacy Policy 12th Nov 2018