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I hope the website will provide answers to any questions you have about the school and that it gives you a real flavour of all the positive things that go together to make up Sunbury Manor School.
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Meet Our Students

Callum - Head Boy

My 5 years here have flown by! I remember the daunting thought of joining a secondary school when I came to the Sunbury Manor Open Evening and, once again, I am in that situation going to open evenings for my further education and listening to teachers talking about College. I joined in 2012 as one of 6 from my primary school and for me that was a huge thing. "Am I going to make new friends?", "Am I going to cope with secondary school?" And the answer to those questions was yes. I wouldn't have been able to do so without the staff and the prefect team of the year I joined as they answered all my questions and provided extra-curricular activities such as football and rugby that allowed me to forge friendships with those that I had similar interests with. When visiting open evenings I heard the same things from many schools, but what I believe sets us apart as a school is the diversity of the students; from cultures to interests, all students can be themselves in a friendly environment with a work friendly attitude - and a great canteen! Throughout my time at Sunbury Manor I have represented the school many times and had many experiences, ranging from New York to the Oval or a sports fixture for football or cricket. I have always been glad to be chosen to represent the school outside of the gates and have always been proud to represent my year. In year 7 I represented my tutor; then in year 9 I became my year representative for School Council and now, in year 11, I represent the school as Head Boy alongside Katie. It was an honour to be appointed Head Boy and when the Headteacher, Mrs Duncan called out my name after the selection process I was overjoyed. I always strive to represent myself and the school in the best possible manner.

Katie - Head Girl

Thank you for visiting our school website. As soon as I visited Sunbury Manor on Open Evening, when I was in Year 6, I was insistent on joining the school. I felt so welcomed by all of the staff and students here. Nothing changed when I joined in Year 7, all of the staff have made me feel comfortable throughout my time at Sunbury Manor and I have always been in a fun and safe environment. I have made new friends easily and have been given so many opportunities to progress. ln addition to trips and workshops during school time, to assist with learning, there are also countless extra-curricular clubs and activities. These include sports fixtures, revision and catch up sessions, and homework clubs. These clubs are very beneficial, as they help students to make new friends and improve upon and develop certain skills. The school also holds events for students, teachers and parents to attend, such as Last Musician Standing. This is an annual competition held for all students to take part in every summer. I have always had a passion for music, so when I found out that there were extracurricular activities and events I was interested in, I got involved straight away. The help and feedback I received was amazing and taking part in these activities definitely helped me to explore my creativity; I feel that whatever someones passion is, they will be helped to grow. I have enjoyed my journey here and being a student at this school has made me more confident in myself, it has helped me to become the person that I am today. Being a part of Sunbury Manor School and the community here has changed me as a person and helped to better myself for the future ahead.

Megan (Year 8)

My name is Megan and I would like to tell you about my experience at Sunbury Manor. Before I came to my induction days last year, I was extremely nervous, because secondary school is a big change from primary school, but as soon as I entered the Sunbury Manor doors, I felt welcomed and at home. The staff and the teachers were kind and friendly and the older students were helpful and supportive. So far in my secondary school life, I have had many classes at Sunbury Manor and I feel that they were well planned, informative and executed with care. In addition to that, the homework is explained carefully and in a way that the children will understand (by the way, there is a lot more homework though!) Another worrying fact for a child moving to secondary school, is travelling around the building. Well, when you are at Sunbury Manor, you do not have to worry about that! There are signs everywhere, which clearly show you where all of the classrooms are. I have school dinners. The food here at Sunbury Manor is a mix of delicious and nutritious and I look forward to choosing a new meal on a daily basis. Overall, Sunbury Manor is an amazing and inspirational school and I look forward to the rest of my time here.

Fred (Year 8)

Sunbury Manor has changed my life for the good over the last year since joining in Year 7. Everybody has helped. No matter where you are, there are always hundreds of people happy to help. All my lessons; I could not have enjoyed more. All the students have been as proud of their school as I am to be here. The staff have been as kind as possible and have made it impossible to not like this school. Thank you Sunbury Manor, I am so looking forward to the next 4 years!