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I hope the website will provide answers to any questions you have about the school and that it gives you a real flavour of all the positive things that go together to make up Sunbury Manor School. Safeguarding is our highest priority.
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Meet Our Students

Fred Smith - Head Student

I am proud to be a student at Sunbury Manor for a magnitude of reasons. From the excellent learning atmosphere created in which students are ready to learn and produce excellent work alongside the quality teachers demonstrate when teaching a lesson or helping you to understand it personally, it all pushes the classroom to achieve the best of their ability. To the regular success in sporting events including 7's rugby competitions, netball league successes or bringing home plenty of medals at district sports. Sunbury Manor presents hundreds of opportunities tailored to each student, like public speaking of which we have an excellent history of success in the youth speaks competition or events that allow students to demonstrate their maths skills such as at masterclasses as well as our stem and writing competitions, encouraging students to be more creative in English or stem subjects, these all have something for every student. Something else you should expect to see at Sunbury Manor is our open community where we are happy to see a great deal of multiculturalism, no matter who you are Sunbury Manor will welcome you. Our school is a growing one in not just size but advancements, we have some of the most forward facilities at Sunbury Manor like the new building with 4 new state of the art classrooms above a new canteen. Sunbury Manor is a school that gives every student a sense of pride, it won’t let you down.

Stanley Barrett - Head Student

I am proud to say that I have been a student at Sunbury Manor for the past four years and now that I have reached the last leg of my Sunbury Manor journey, nothing has changed. Sunbury Manor is a welcoming school with friendly teachers who consistently support and encourage you to work above your expectations. My many experiences in school have helped mould me into the person I have become, which I also owe to my very committed teachers who I am most grateful to. There is an abundance of great opportunities on offer from: trips, sport teams, theatrical/music performances, Youth Speaks and many after school clubs. I very much enjoy sport, so the Ski trip to Andorra was truly unforgettable. However, no matter what your passions are the amount of opportunities that the different departments offer to students are limitless. Our school is a great place to learn and progress - I have made many great friends and will take away countless incredible memories when I leave at the end of this year. I love being a part of Sunbury Manor School and I am honoured to be the Head Student to help maintain its happy, warm and friendly reputation.