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SMS Careers programme subscribe to the CDI Framework 2018

For careers, employability and enterprise education students need to develop the three broad areas of:

  • Self-awareness and development
  • Career opportunities
  • Career planning


Sunbury Manor School: Careers Overview

SMS Careers Programme is based on the CDI Framework (Careers Development Institute).

  • All Careers workshops are cross-referenced and linked to CDI framework.

Sunbury Manor School employs Innervate as our primary Independent Careers provider. All Careers advisors are  CG LEVEL 7 qualified in careers guidance. 

  • Every student in SMS would have had at least 5 hours of specific Careers guidance over their progression from Y7 to Y11.
  • This allows all student in SMS to have access to our Independent careers advisor through specific designed workshops targeting Careers progression in KS3 & KS4. Careers Advisor takes time to individually talk to each student regarding careers progression as to identify priorities for one to one intervention at a later stage.
  • Students set targets as part of the workshops to aid their careers progression and take responsibility for Careers/Education pathway.
  • All students Identified a priority is give a further one to one Careers interview with Careers Advisor setting targets through discussion and a personalised Action plan are created. Action plan is shared with students/ Parents and Head of Year (for record).
  • Additional one to one Interviews are arranged for our Disadvantaged students (Fs6) whom receive additional one to one contact time with Careers Advisor to maintain Careers planning for individuals in most danger of becoming NEETS (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

Overview of Workshops:

  • Y7 Introduction to Careers
  • Y8 This is the year 2025
  • Y9 Transitions and Decisions
  • Y10 College, Course and Qualification
  • Y11  Unsure & Uncertain - Colleges & Courses - Choosing your A levels - Apprenticeships

Additional careers information

Y11 Careers Drop In Sessions

  • Careers advisor run Y11 Drop in session during Lunchtime in Y11 Common Room on most Wednesdays. Students are encouraged to discuss careers and post 16 options in an informal environment
  • Drop in session for all year groups at break in LRC
  • Local Colleges are also invited to make use of the drop in sessions.

Careers evening:

  • Sunbury Manor School holds its own Careers Evening every year. Parents and Students in Y9-Y11 are given the opportunity to discuss their Careers progression with Local Colleges, Training providers and Local employers at the school.


Email system

  • A Careers Email ( has been created to encourage Students and Parent to request information and ask question regarding the student’s careers progression.

Careers at parents’ evenings

  • Local colleges are invited to the Y11 Parent evening to discuss college courses available to students. Innervate (our independent Careers Service) is also available for all parents during Parent Evenings.

Options evening.

  • Careers Advisors are available during options evening to help guide parent and students on Careers progression and selection of GCSE courses.

College assemblies

  • Local colleges are invited to Y11& Y10 Assemblies to give students information regarding courses available at college and give students an idea of student life after KS4.

Careers and NQT Training

  • Careers is part of the NQT training giving staff an overview of the careers provision and CDI standards SMS have to meet as part of our careers provision. NQT’s are informed about the careers resources available to students etc.


  • U-Explore is our primary Online Careers resource. And accessible by both Students and Parents
  •  It provides Careers information on:
    •  Career pathways/ Careers information/ local employers/CV creation/Selecting your options/3D visual of the workplace environment/ Work related videos/ etc.

Ronni List: (Possible NEETS)

  • Ranjit Dusanjh from U-Explore work with Carol Fagan to identify the possible NEETS (Not in Education, Employment or Training) in SMS.  U-Explore is contracted by Surrey CC to provide one to one support to students Identified through the Ronni List.

Careers Trips and college visits

Y10 College taster days

Surrey opportunities Fair

Heathrow Apprenticeship fair

Spelthorne Careers Fair

Oxford University Taster day (G&T)

Surrey University day (G&T)

PSHE programme

  • PSHE cross curricular with Careers programme and involves lessons on: Money and Finance/ Creating your CV/ Writing a letter of application/ Interview skills

Careers displays

  • Subject specific careers displays in each department. Careers information all around school to promote careers development.

Careers library

  • Specific designated Careers section in the LRC for students to use with variety of careers information available on varies Careers & Education pathways. All local FE Colleges prospectuses are available.
  • Includes FE Institutions outside the local area.
  • Apprenticeship providers.
  • Other Training Providers.

How does the school measure and assess the impact of the careers programme on pupils?

SMS regularly reviews the careers provision provided:

  • Review of SMS careers policy annually
  • Innervate Careers Questionnaire – Identify students progression and identifying any students that need extra support
  • Feedback from local colleges regarding students applications and courses


January 2018 – Interim review
September 2019 – Annual Review