Curriculum Intent

Our aim in the sciences is to develop, maintain and stimulate pupils’ curiosity, interest and enjoyment in the sciences, their applications to the everyday world and their potential to solve future worldwide problems. The Science Faculty is made up of a team of well qualified scientists with full technician support who are all committed to transferring their enthusiasm for their subject to the students of the school.  We are also supported by teachers from other subject areas that have good scientific knowledge for working at KS3. All lessons are taught in dedicated laboratories, which are well equipped scientifically.

Our curriculum aims to develop pupils’ familiarity with appropriate scientific concepts, knowledge and understanding encouraging them to be creative, and develop their physical and social skills. We aim to enthuse pupils with a love of STEM subjects and an awareness of the exciting opportunities which they offer in future careers. We encourage independent and group work for all pupils in both theoretical and practical situations, which allows pupils to develop transferable skills and informed opinions about Science, and to be able to support them by reasoned arguments. We are aware of the local post 16 opportunities and encourage pupils to consider studying Science courses after they leave the School.

The Faculty aims to encourage the success of all students in all three scientific disciplines, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and in doing so provide a sound foundation for life-long learning.  Our Key Stage 3 schemes of work focus upon the AQA Activate scheme. Practical work is central to what we do. Pupils enjoy science as they see it as a practical subject where they are able to be creative.  In Years 7-9 all pupils are taught separate Chemistry, Physics and Biology. There is one period of 60 minutes per week for each science.

In Years 10 and 11 the Science department offers the AQA Combined Science Trilogy course, once again all pupils are taught separate Chemistry, Physics and Biology with a specialist teacher for that subject. There are 2 periods of 60 minutes per week for each science We also have an option at the end of year 10 for some students to follow the three separate sciences to GCSE.

Faculty and subject meeting time are used to discuss good practice and curriculum planning. A strong emphasis is placed upon teamwork. The team is very supportive of one another and we all work well together.  We are a training facility for Post Graduate ITTs, with several of the faculty staff trained as mentors.