Sunbury Manor School is able to take online payments for school meals, trips and resources.
All staff and students must use their biometric thumb print to access the cashless catering facility, as cash is not accepted in the school canteens. For convenience, parents can top up their child’s account using the online payment facility provided by WisePay. For parents who do not have the facility to top up their child’s catering account online, there are two ‘cash loaders’ in the school for students to credit their account. These are situated in the stairwell of the main building, and step-by-step instructions are provided at each machine.
WisePay is very easy to use and gives parents the freedom to make payments at their convenience, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means parents no longer have to send cash into school on a daily basis. WisePay accepts all major credit cards and debits cards. All card payments are secure and adhere to the highest level of compliance under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.
Please refer to the letter sent home for details of your username and password for the WisePay system.
How do I log on to WisePay?
Your personal account has already been set up, therefore, if you would like to use the service to make online payments, please click on the WisePay logo on the homepage which will take you to the online payment page.
On the right hand side of WisePay home page you will find a login area.
Type in your personal User Name and Password (provided in the letter sent home) to view your ‘Wise Account'. Take care when entering the details as they are case sensitive.
What can I do in my account?
Once in your ‘Wise Account’ you can make payments specifically for your child. You can also view your payment history by clicking on the ‘my Wise Account’ tab at the top right of the page. This will allow you to see everything your child has purchased.
Can I change my password?
After logging in for the first time to WisePay, you will be able to change the password given in your letter to one of your choice. Click on the ‘Change Password’ button on the right of the WisePay screen or go to your ‘my Wise Account’ and then go to ‘My Account Details' to do this.
For security purposes, please ensure that the Wise Account password that you choose is unique to your Wise Account and that you do not use it for any other login. Also, do not share your login details with anyone else.
I have more than one child at Sunbury Manor.  Can I have their accounts under one master account?
If you should have more than one child at Sunbury Manor, you will receive a username and password for each child.
You can either choose to keep each account separate (by using the usernames and passwords provided for each child) or you can view all your accounts under one master account.
To merge multiple accounts:
1. Log in to one of your Accounts (using your user name and password for that account).
2. Click on the top in top bar called ‘my Wise Account'. Go to ‘Merge Student Accounts' section at the bottom right of this page.
3. Click on to the ‘Merge Student Account ‘link at the bottom right of the page.
4. On the next screen, enter the username and password of one of your other children and press ‘Find Student Account'.
5. If a matching student account is found, the student is displayed on the next screen with a ‘Merge this Account' button. Pressing this button merges the account. A message will also appear to return to the ‘my Wise Account' page.
6. Once a student account has been ‘merged', in your ‘my Wise Account' page, your student is listed as a link which allows you to switch to that account.
7. For subsequent visits to WisePay, you must login in with the first child's user name and password as that is now the master account.
Who are WisePay?
WisePay is a trading subsidiary of Cavendish Communication Projects Ltd. Cavendish has approximately 18 years of experience in developing online payment systems for corporate clients such as Shell Ferrari, Hewlett Packard and UPS. For more information on WisePay’s history and past experience, please visit their website: www.wisepay.co.uk
Is the WisePay website secure?
Yes. All pages viewed on WisePay are encrypted using a 'Secure Socket Layer’ (SSL) session.
SSL is an industry standard and is designed to ensure internet pages and sensitive
information are not intercepted. When browsing using an SSL enabled site, you will see a padlock icon visible in your browser.
All payments are made through the SagePay Payment Gateway which adheres to the highest level of compliance under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI), including stringent fraud screening, SSL encryption and tamperproof data storage. This process is regularly audited by the banks and banking authorities.
Some of our WisePay web pages use ’Cookies’. A cookie is a safe, text only piece of data which WisePay uses to remember who you are as you navigate through the site; this cookie gets removed from your system when you leave WisePay.
Your card details are never stored by WisePay or the school.
Which credit/debit cards are accepted?
WisePay accepts all credit / debit cards with the following logos on them:
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Visa Debit
  • Visa electron
  • Maestro
I really want to use WisePay but do not have a credit or debit card.  Is there any way I can pay?
A number of financial institutions now offer prepaid credit / debit cards, which are suitable for people who are unable to hold a standard credit / debit card. You top these up with funds prior to using them in shops or online. WisePay accepts any prepaid card that displays one of the above logos. If you are interested in obtaining one of these cards we suggest contacting your bank or building society.
Does it cost me anything to use WisePay?
Unlike many retailers we do not pass on any of our administration charges to the cardholder. Your own card provider may make a charge for using your card under certain circumstances (for example exceeding an agreed overdraft limit), which is completely outside of our control.
I am trying to login to WisePay but it doesn't recognise the username and/or password provided on my letter.
The username and password are case-sensitive and must be input exactly as shown on the letter. If you are still experiencing problems please email: wisepay@sunburymanor.surrey.sch.uk
How do I add items to my shopping cart?
To add an item to your shopping cart select the item that you want to purchase or pay for by clicking on to it. The purchase price will automatically appear in the ‘Price’ box. Then, if you decide you want to make a payment for the item that you have selected, click the ‘purchase’ button. The Shopping Cart will automatically appear at the top of your page with your selected item added. You can continue to browse the school WisePay site and add more items to your Shopping Cart.
How do I remove items from my shopping cart?
If you wish to remove an item you have placed in your cart, simply click the ‘Delete’ button, next to the item you don’t require. The item will be instantly deleted from your Shopping Cart.
How do I pay for my items?
  1. When you are ready to pay for your items, click the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button. You will be taken to a page containing your details, which you must check or amend as appropriate.
  2. Read the Terms & Conditions that are presented to you and if you agree with them, click ‘I agree’.
  3. Once you have done this, click on ‘Make a Payment’ and follow the on screen instructions.
  4. Firstly, the total amount of your order will appear – double-check this is correct. Click on the relevant logo for the type of card you wish to use.
  5. Fill in your card details in the relevant boxes.
  6. Click the “proceed” button. If your card is registered with 3D Secure you will be asked to enter your card’s account password (this is the password that you have set up with your bank or card authoriser).
  7. Once your payment has been successfully made, a Confirmation Screen with a reference number will be displayed back to you. An email Payment Confirmation will also be sent to your email address.
How do I view my transaction history?
How do I view my transaction history?
Once you have logged in, click on the ‘My Wise Account’ button on the top right of the screen. Here you can view the last transactions you have made.
How do I check/edit my account details?
After logging in, click on “My Account”. From here, you can check / edit your account details.
I want to place a daily limit on the amount my child spends in the canteen.  Is this possible?
Our cashless catering system does have the facility to limit the amount a student spends each day, regardless of the total balance on their card. If you wish to set a limit on your child’s account please email your request to: wisepay@sunburymanor.surrey.sch.uk
My child recieves a free school meal.  How will this be credited to their account?
Students who are in receipt of free school meals will have their daily allowance automatically credited to their account daily at lunchtime. It is not possible to rollover free school meal credit. If you believe you child is entitled to free school meals please contact Mrs Griffin on 01932 766075 to request an application form.
Where does the money go when I credit my child's account?
Funds credited to ‘dinner money’ go directly to our catering company, Chartwells. All other funds go to the school account.