Child Development

GCSE Child Development  2016-17 (Year 11) LEGACY SYLLABUS

Course Title Home Economics: Child Development
Examination Board AQA
Qualification GCSE
Specification Code Certification code 4580 4582
QAN Code 50043894
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Summary of course content
  • Part 1 Parenthood (Family, preparation, safety and first aid) Revisited
  • Part 2 Pregnancy ( The Biology of reproduction, development of baby, antenatal care, birth, the new-born)
  • Part 3 Diet health and care of child (Nutrition and feeding, hygiene, health care and immunization)
  • Part 4 Development of the child (PIES) Revisited
  • Part 5 Support for the parent and child (support, childcare provision, special children)
How will I be assessed? From Year 10 :Unit 2 (45802) Research Task 30 marks 20% of total marks Completed in the classroom under supervision   From year 10: Unit 3 (45803) Child Study 60 marks 40% of total marks Introductory visit, 4 plans observations and analysis. Research for 2 visits Unit 1 Mock Written paper (marks not included for final grade) Unit 1 Written paper (45801) 1 hour 30 mins-100 marks-40% All questions to be answered Quality of written work English and clear presentation in answers will be assessed for some questions
What type of activities take place in lessons? Group work, paired work and individual study. Planning exercises, problem solving, Interactive quizzes, use of podcasts, revision techniques, reading and comprehension exercises, note taking, worksheets involving information handling skills, secondary research, comparative investigations on foods,  Long prose answers, Exam papers
What type of homework tasks will be set? Secondary research, planning, worksheets to consolidate classwork, revision key words, Revision. Exam papers,
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How will this help students in the future? The specification aims to attract pupils to study Child Development by offering an interesting and stimulating programme of study. Candidates will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of human needs in a diverse society and work in a variety of contexts. The skills and knowledge acquired will be relevant and transferable to other settings, enhancing career opportunities and providing a satisfying course of study for pupils. It provides progression to GCE Health and Social Care. It can lead to job opportunities including the  Medical Profession (Obstetrician, Dentist, Nurse, Paediatrician, Psychiatrist, Midwife, Social Worker)  Teaching Profession, (Schools ,Playgroups, Youth worker, Teaching Assistant), Counselling Profession, Entertainment and recreation professions, Leisure and Recreational Centres, kid clubs It covers an area which has strong appeal to young people and provides useful guidelines for parents of the future. (Providing understanding of what is involved in the rearing of children from birth-5 years)
How will this course build on Key Stage 3? New course but knowledge from Food Technology, Biology and RE will be beneficial will be useful
What Skills will I develop? Communication, Application and number, Information and Communication Technology, Working with others, Improving own learning and performance, problem solving, planning and time management skills, observational skills, research skills, evaluation and analysis skills