Cashless Catering from September 2020

Please note that from September we will be unable to accept cash.  All payments for school meals must be paid for using WisePay as the revaluation units will no longer be operational.  

Parents of the new Year 7 will have WisePay login details issued to them in early September, just before the start of term.

Full details of how to use WisePay can be found here:


You may like to download the new WisePay App.  The advantages of the App are that parents can store their card details (each card will need to be stored against each bank account that you use to take online payments), this will speed up checkout and also provides a ‘quick top up’ option for cashless catering.  Once logged in to the App, parents do not need to log in again. The desktop and mobile version of your WisePay Service will remain, the App is an additional option.

The Sunbury Manor WisePay App Organisation Code is 67878634