Arrangements for September 2020 - Full reopening of school to all students

I hope all is still well with you and your family as these strange times continue.

Following the statement by the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Education on 2/7/2020, we are really looking forward to welcoming all of our students back full time every day from September. We received the guidance on the same day and have put together a very clear plan of how this will happen.

I apologise for the lengthy content but it is important that parents are able to see the detail of the plan and I hope this will answer as many questions as possible.

Who should attend and what happens if I do not want to send my child to school?

The DFE have been very clear that all students should attend full time from September and we really hope that all parents will feel that their child can attend. I know that there have been headlines about schools being expected to fine parents who do not send their children back to school in September. This is not something which the school wants to put in place, as we are clear it is far better to work with our parents to convince everyone that it is safe to do so.

If your child has any of the symptoms of Covid 19, they must not come to school. Students will be asked before entering the school building if they have any symptoms. If yes, they will not be allowed to enter the building. If anyone in the household has symptoms, your child should not come to school.

What if a child or member of staff develops symptoms whilst in school?
We have clear, detailed procedures for what happens if a member of the school community develops symptoms. We will, of course, expect a child showing symptoms to be collected as soon as possible from school. We will ask to see a negative test before the child or member of staff can return to school.

What is the first day for my child to attend?
We are staggering the start in September to give all students the opportunity to get used to the new arrangements.

The starting days will be as follows and students will attend full time from their starting date.

Year 7 - Monday 7th September
Year 11 - Tuesday 8th September
Year 10 - Wednesday 9th September
Year 9 - Thursday 10th September
Year 8 - Friday 11th September

How should my child travel to school?
The DFE guidance has stressed that schools should ask parents to stop their child from using public transport wherever possible. If your child has to use public transport, they must remember that wearing a face covering is mandatory on public transport.

The advice is that young people should walk or cycle to school.

Please be advised that if you need to drive your child to school, it will no longer be possible to drop off on the school and Leisure Centre site. As we will have students entering the building by 3 different routes, it is essential that we reduce vehicle access to the site as much as possible. There will be a parking scheme in place which means that any unauthorised access to the site will result in a fine from the external car parking contractor.

The guidance is very clear that we must ask that students and parents do not congregate outside the school.

School staff will meet the students at their allocated gates at the correct time but cannot take responsibility for them when not on the school site.

Parents and any other visitors will not be allowed to come onto the school site, past the gates. Parents will be able to contact school staff by phone and email.

The implementation of these plans will involve all staff at all times in school which will not allow for dealing with issues caused by students in the local community. It would be really appreciated if parents can support this by ensuring that the young people are not hanging around in the local community before and after school.

When should my child arrive and which gate should they use?
Students will be in year group “bubbles” whilst in school and will be kept apart, as much as possible, from other year groups.

To start this procedure, it is essential that students arrive in their “bubbles” at strict times and through different entrances.

Students cannot arrive at school before these times. In normal circumstances, there are students who arrive at school from 7am. This cannot happen under these strict arrangements.

There will be no breakfast club as this would mix the bubbles.

There will be no access to the library as this would mix the bubbles. The library cannot be used during these arrangements.

Arrival time & Entrance
Year 7 - 8.15 to 8.30 - Main gates on Nursery Road – Year 7 only
Year 8 - 8.15 to 8.30 - Gate on Nursery Road nearest the shops – Year 8 only
Year 9 - 8.15 to 8.30 - Beverley Road entrance - Year 9 only
Year 10 - 8.30 to 8.50 - Gate on Nursery Road nearest the shops – Year 10 only
Year 11 - 8.30 to 8.50 - Beverley Road entrance – Year 11 only

What if my child is anxious about coming back to school?
The Heads of Year and Leadership Team will meet the students at their gates to tell them where they should go on entering the school. There will also be a member of the Inclusion Team to reassure those who may be anxious. It would be really helpful if you can reassure them about coming back to school and talk to them about parents not being allowed onto the site so they know what to expect.

When will they leave?
Departure time & Exit
Year 7 - 2.45 - Main gates on Nursery Road – Year 7 only
Year 8 - 2.45 - Gate on Nursery Road nearest the shops – Year 8 only
Year 9 - 2.45 - Beverley Road entrance - Year 9 only
Year 10 - 3.00 - Gate on Nursery Road nearest the shops – Year 10 only
Year 11 - 3.00 - Beverley Road entrance – Year 11 only

At the start in September, there will be no extra curricular activities after school. The only exception to this may be catch up sessions for Year 11 students.

Revised school day timings

What should my child wear?
The guidance is clear that young people should be wearing their full uniform and it can be cleaned in the normal ways. Normal school uniform rules will apply, including hair colouring, nails and jewellery and it will really help if parents can make sure that their child is following those rules. Our focus in September will be on getting students back and keeping everyone safe. It would be really helpful if we were not dealing with issues of hair colouring, nails and piercings.

What should my child bring to school?
It is really important that each child brings the necessary equipment each day to school as lending equipment will pose a risk.

For a full list of equipment click here, however, it is essential that each child has a pen, pencil,
ruler, eraser, highlighter and calculator.

Students should also bring a water bottle to school. Each year group will have its own hydration station.

Students will also be expected to bring tissues to school to help with good hygiene.

Students will be expected to wash or sanitise their hands on entry to the school, each time they leave or enter a room and before and after eating. We have installed hand sanitisers around the school and outside each classroom and they will be refilled throughout the day.

Students will be expected to bring tissues to school.

Students have to wear a face covering if they have to use public transport.

The wearing of face coverings in school is a matter of individual choice at this time but the school will be watching the national guidance very carefully on this issue.

How will the bubbles be kept apart?
Each year group will have its own area in the school.

In Years 7, 8, and 9 students will stay in their classrooms and teachers will come to the classrooms.

In Years 10 and 11, students will move around 11 classrooms which are just for their year group, to allow for the options subjects to be studied.

Each year group will have its own toilets.

Year 7 - Top floor main building (Building A) - taught in their tutor group (Main reception toilets)
Year 8 - English rooms and Science labs (Building A) - taught in their English set (Current Year 7 toilets)
Year 9 - Humanities building (Building F) - taught in their English set (Humanities toilets)
Year 10 - 10 rooms at the back of school - taught in their normal sets (IT toilets)
Year 11 - 11 rooms at the back of school - taught in their normal sets (Dining room toilets)

What if my child needs support from SEND, the Inclusion team or medical?
Students will not be able to move around the school to different areas. Each Year group will have a Year group HUB.

This will be staffed at all times and members of staff needing to work with individual students or small groups will go to those Year groups HUBS.

Members of staff have been advised to maintain social distance from the students. This will make working in a classroom with a student impossible but the HUB system should allow such support to continue. Staff will be provided with visors for such work to take place.

Students are allowed to bring a packed lunch to school. Students will have a break and lunchtime.

We are currently working with our catering provider to ensure the safe provision of food and drink, although there will be a somewhat restricted menu.

There will be no opportunity for cash payment or topping up accounts using cash in school. Parents will have to use WISEPAY.

There will be more details to follow at the end of the summer holidays.

Will they get break and lunchtime and will they be able to get outside?
All students will get break and lunchtime in their year group “bubble” and will be able to go outside for some fresh air and to play games in their bubbles on designated, fenced off areas of the school field.

Behaviour policy
There is an addendum to the school’s behaviour policy which can be found on the school’s website. It makes clear that the school will treat with the greatest seriousness any incident of a student deliberately causing risk to another member of the school community, by, for example, deliberately coughing on them.

All other normal behaviour expectations will apply.

We think it is really important that students are able to have access to some PE. The timetable has been written to ensure that each year group has one day a week when they can do PE. This will mean that only one year group uses the changing rooms each day.

Schemes of work are currently being rewritten to ensure that we are able to deliver practical subjects in the year group bases without access to the specialist rooms.

Staff are working in all subjects to put in place schemes of work which will ensure that we build on the work our students have done at home during lockdown and make sure that they have the maximum opportunities to catch up in any areas where they have fallen behind.

How long will this way of working last?
I do not have the answer to this one, I am afraid, but can only say that this will stay in place as long as is needed to keep everyone as safe as possible.

I hope you feel that these plans will give us the best possible opportunity for all students to return safely in September. We will review them each day as we see how the plans are working. If you have any questions about these plans, please do not hesitate to contact us.

It will be lovely to have all of our students back in school where they belong and I really look forward to working with you all as we make this work.

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Coronavirus Reopening Risk Assessment - Full re-opening September 2020