Supermarket vouchers for those entitled to Free School Meals (8/4/20)

Details of the national free school meal voucher scheme were published on 31st March 2020.  These were updated on 7th April and it now states that schools are to provide free school meal vouchers during the Easter break period. 

The school has registered with Edenred, the company providing the national free school meal voucher service on behalf of the Department for Education.  We are currently trying to place our order and hope that we will be able to distribute vouchers later this week.  Parents/carers of children entilted to recieve free school meals will be e-mailed a weekly £15 voucher. 

While we were waiting for government guidance on the national free school meal voucher system the school worked with its IT partners to provide families with electronic vouchers that could be used in a supermarket of your choice.  Two supermarket vouchers have now been issued - w/b 23/3/20 £11.75 and w/b 30/3/20 £11.80. These vouchers may only be used in store and you are advised to use them as soon as possible.  Detaills of how to access these vouchers can be found below.

Parents of children entitled to a Free School Meal should have received an email and text alert from SchoolMeals.  

Message sender ID: SchoolMeals

Hi {FIRST NAME}, please select your supermarket of choice to receive your voucher from {LINK ADDRESS} Sunbury Manor School 

Click on the link contained in the text message/email you will be asked to select the supermarket of choice.  

You will then be sent another email and text alert.  

Message sender ID: SchoolMeals

Hi {FIRST NAME}, here is a link to access your voucher {LINK ADDRESS} Sunbury Manor School