Year 11 - An Inspector Calls

This term we were able to take 84 of our Year 11 students to New Wimbledon Theatre to watch An Inspector Calls. As always, the production was engaging and highly useful for the students who will be examined on the text in their final exams. Our students were a real credit to the school, with warm praise for their behaviour from the public and theatre staff. We’d like to thank them all for their responsible attitude and the commitment they have shown to their learning.

My time at An Inspector Calls, New Wimbledon Theatre

‘It was a brilliant play. It really helped me remember what happened. I felt that the director’s view of the play was amazing; it really helped show the way all of the characters in the play felt. It helps show the difference between capitalists and socialists. It also conveyed how the characters develop in the play amazingly. Other than the educational side of everything, it was a fun time out of school. Not only were the staff very helpful; it shows they really care about the education of the students. Overall it was an amazing experience. Thanks so much to the people who organised this!’

Reported by Jessica Dalton

An Inspector Calls



Posted on: 21/10/2022