Vidyuth Sudhakar - Year 7

Vidyuth has recently received a couple of community awards, these include: Surrey Recognising You Award for being a committed and valued member of the Surrey Youth Cabinet together with a Spelthorne Youth Award in recognition for Community Spirit; he also won the Star Award under this category.

As well as being a Member of  the Youth Cabinet for Surrey County Council, Vidyuth is also a Surrey Young Inspector. Please read Vidyuth’s personal profile below:

I’m Vidyuth Sudhakar, Member of Youth Cabinet – Surrey County Council, voicing out on behalf of our community on various social concerns and bring changes to our community that does not just impact myself but is something lots of people can benefit from.

It all started when I was 7 years old and wrote a letter to our former Prime Minster Mrs Theresa May about deforestation and ban smoking. I was surprised to receive a response from Mrs May, which encouraged me to voice out and express my concerns to bring change.

In 2020, I became a Member of Youth Cabinet, Surrey County Council with an aim to tackle issues and improve services that are important to young people, engage with young people in my borough and get their feedback on services, run successful campaigns which raise awareness and highlight issues which are important to young people, raise awareness of the group with young people and most importantly to make a real difference to young people and instigate change.

In the same year, I wrote to Surrey and Spelthorne Councillors to put a stop to speeders in Alexandra Road. The Councillors were very kind to meet me in person at my home and agreed with my concerns. I’m currently awaiting to meet the Surrey Highways Department to bring down the speed to 20MPH speed in Alexandra Road. I was invited by Cllr Alison Griffiths, Deputy Cabinet Member to visit the Surrey Council Office and introduced me to other councillors.

In 2021, I became one of the 6 Surrey Youth Inspectors and my role would involve in testing products and services all over Surrey to ensure they are young person friendly.

My ambition is to become The Prime Minister of United Kingdom, lead this Country in the future to bring changes to many lives.

Vidyuth Sudhakar









Posted on: 01/04/2022