The second week back after half term 12 students from Springfield Primary School, who were unable to go on their school residential trip, visited us for a week of fun-filled activities. The students came to gain some experience of secondary school and what life will be like when they make that big step in September.

The students participated in lessons including PE, English, Science, Technology and Music.

In PE students had a wonderful experience, six Year 9 Sunbury Manor students assisted in the delivery of an orienteering exercise. Springfield students worked in pairs alongside one of the Year 9 students to complete a clue hunt around the school. The Year 6 students exercised their communication and team work skills to complete the clue hunt as quickly as possible. At the end of the task, the Year 9s awarded the Springfield students with medals based on their effort, enthusiasm and ability to work as a team.

In English the students created and designed a holiday island. They wrote about the history, wildlife, weather and inhabitants etc. They then gave presentations to their peers before voting on the island they would, personally like to visit.

In Food Technology they had fun making cakes, which were very popular, they also made popcorn and then designed a popcorn box in graphics to display their treats.

The Yr6 students enjoyed the delights of our school canteen and due to the glorious weather were able to enjoy lunch ‘al fresco’ in our Rotary Garden.

Some of the comments from the students visiting were:

“I have loved my week here, we made chocolate chip cupcakes which were delicious! It was great to visit Sunbury Manor as my sister used to come to school here”. Jess

“I really enjoyed my Science lesson with Mr Mellows, we looked at how an elephant washes himself with his trunk and also how light reflected through glass creates a rainbow”. Jack

“It has been great fun, we had a quiz in PE which I really enjoyed, I have also really loved the biscuits we have been given here”. ZackiahIMG 0157



Written by SMS News
Posted on: 20/06/2017