Barcelona 2017

"The trip at the end of May was amazing, we were able to visit so many places around Barcelona such as La Sagrada Familia (the cathedral in Barcelona) and Nou Camp (the Barcelona football stadium). Portaventura was by far one of the best themeparks I've ever visited due to there being so many really large and high rides, there was entertainment for the thrill-seekers and also for those just wanting to enjoy a wonderful day out. My personal favourite day out was our visit to Nou Camp, we were able to walk around all of the interview rooms, the conference area, see players' memorabilia and walk down the tunnel onto the pitch, you could almost feel the 'match day' atmosphere.

This trip was just incredible and an great opportunity to put in practice the Spanish we had learnt in school.  I would like to say a big thank you to Mr Douglas and all the staff who made this trip possible and so worthwhile, I well never forget Barcelona 2017"          

Reported by Joe Levy - Year 9

Written by SMS News
Written by SMS News
Posted on: 14/06/2017