This year, we weren’t able to be in school on options day due to Covid-19. So, instead of leaving us to worry about what we should take for GCSE’s, our teachers put on an amazing virtual options day! It took place on teams and lasted all day, with sessions from all of the teachers of optional subjects for GCSE. In each session, we were walked through the topics and what the next two years will look like if you were to take that subject. We were also informed about what exams and coursework each subject would involve. And finally, any questions we had about the subject were answered. These sessions gave us a huge amount of information about the subjects available to us, leaving it almost impossible for us to not know what subjects were right for us.  I particularly found the RE and Citizenship sessions very helpful as I had already known that I wanted to do these subjects for a while. The sessions not only helped me to understand what the subjects would involve but how they could improve skills that would be useful in other subjects. This gave me a good idea of what combination of subjects would work well together.

Overall, I found the virtual options day extremely helpful in choosing my options and making my understanding of the options that I had already chosen even better. It was a great day and I’m sure it helped many of my peers to make a well-informed decision that will impact the next two years of their lives.

Article written by Rebekah Cloake  (Year 9)

Options' Day

Posted on: 01/04/2021