On Monday 8th March, Sunbury Manor opened its on-site COVID testing centre.  After many weeks in lockdown, we began with our Year 11s and throughout the week made our way through all the year groups, until students had received their first of three COVID tests and returned to school for some long-awaited face to face teaching.  Praise must go to the students who arrived on time and dealt with the testing maturely and responsibly, with even the slightly nervous students proceeding with no fuss.

It took weeks of behind the scenes planning with the school having to pre-register every participating student three times in order to be ready for the testing to begin.  After which, Sunbury Leisure Centre staff and our school Exam Invigilators joined us to ensure the smooth running of this operation.  Whether they took the role of reception, test analysis or talking the students through the testing process - all played a vital part.  They worked extremely hard over the two-week testing programme and we would like to thank them for their commitment.

At the planning stages of this humongous task, we could not imagine that it would run as smoothly and efficiently as it did.  Thank you to the staff and students who made this happen and our parents/carers for their continued support with home testing.

COVID Test site









Posted on: 01/04/2021