Year 9 have been keeping themselves active during lockdown by getting involved in the ‘Run/Walk Through Lockdown Challenge’.

At the start of lockdown it involved students selecting a distance (50km, 30km or 15km) to complete by February half term. Those who entered have been recording their daily walk or run by tracking it on a running app and sending it into the PE department.

At the end of January, Year 9 had clocked up 526km  and there has been stand out performances from Eloise Alldridge (143km), Rebekah Cloake (68km), Sophie Tedder (55km) and Cerys Castell (50km).

There will also be prizes for best selfie and quickest average pace, which is currently held by Yannick Bamba (3:38/km).

Well done to everybody involved and keep the notifications coming! It is great to see the students staying active throughout the lockdown, together with a bit of healthy competition!

Here is Rebekah and Jessica’s selfie outside Twickenham Rugby Stadium whilst out clocking up the kilometres for the challenge.


Posted on: 26/02/2021