As part of Science Week, Year 8 students spent a day in Hall A, working in teams to increase their awareness of the different aspects involved in a space mission.  The mission was to gather evidence for life on Mars and to develop their ability to work as teams to complete tasks and make decisions. 

Initially, the teams had to decide who would play what role on the mission, such as: captain, pilot, mechanic and scientist. Then they learned about the Mars Rover Programme before designing and testing their prototype. Deciding where to land the rover safely was the next part of the mission, to ensure their rover (represented by a raw egg) could land without damage. All tasks were self-evaluated by the team looking at specific success criteria, except for the egg landing which was judged by a panel of 6 Year 5 pupils from Springfield Primary School.

All materials for the day were kindly sponsored by the company Eduthing.


Posted on: 16/03/2020

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