“In the morning we were dropped off and we headed towards the hall where we given a choice of funny Christmas hats to wear throughout the trip. We then got on the coach and headed towards the Euro Tunnel, a fun trip with Christmas music and laughs. Through the Euro Tunnel and out at Calais where we saw our first glimpse of France.

After the long journey we finally arrived at the hyper market where we all had a great time looking for things to spend our money on. 

After that, we got back onto the coach and headed for the accommodation. When we arrived, the staff at the accommodation greeted us and we had a group photo, before meeting in the dinner hall for the evening’s events and the ground rules. We got to our rooms and unpacked before dinner (a 5-course meal including snails!). After dinner it was time for games, ginger bread house making, pin the nose on Rudolf, a teacher quiz, a bauble and spoon race and loads of others. Then after an amazing game of pass the parcel, the best part of the night was meeting Santa (Miss Grice in disguise) and going up to our rooms to find a gift hidden in our rooms (a huge chocolate Santa Claus).

In the morning we were woken up by Mr Cottle shouting ‘bonjour le classe’ at seven in the morning! Breakfast was cereal and pan au chocolat.

After saying good bye to the staff at the accommodation, we got on the coach, on our way to the Christmas markets in Lille.

The markets were amazing with so much to do and find. It was cold so the atmosphere was very festive. My favourite thing however was the huge carousel in the centre of the markets, that was more like a roller coaster!

Once we had finished our shopping spree, we got back on the coach and headed to get dinner (burger and chips). Then we went to the amazing chocolate shop! It was an amazing way to finish off our money!

When we got home we were all very tired after a long sleep on the coach.

Overall, this was an amazing trip and every one thoroughly enjoyed it. All of the activities we did were fun and exciting.“      

Reported by Rebekah Cloake, Year 8.

Lille 1


Posted on: 06/01/2020