EPIC Risk Management are the leading independent gambling harm minimisation consultancy across the UK and Ireland. Their primary objectives are to enhance understanding of gambling and gambling related harm amongst young people by enabling them to make informed choices as well as encouraging a heightened digital resilience around this growing social  issue.

The focus of the Year 10 session was to raise awareness of potential dangers regarding problematic gambling whilst allowing students to make better informed decisions. Scott Davies delivered this session with clear references to his own personal experiences of gambling addiction and the impacts this had on his personal relationships and football career. His story is one that speaks to every person in the room, as it is about so much more than the concept of addiction. He spoke frankly and graphically about the consequences of his gambling habit, addressing the stark reality that it is not only debt that will always haunt him but his ill-treatment of colleagues, friends and family also. With access to online gambling platforms widening throughout the gaming industry, young people increasingly need to be alerted to the potential dangers of participating in thrill seeking activities.

This opportunity has helped to educate our students through hard hitting real life personal stories. 

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Posted on: 06/01/2020