On 25th October, all Year 9 students spent a day in the Hall, working in teams to come up with some ideas for improving GB’s chances of winning the Americas Cup.

They had to decide who would play what role on the boat, look at the materials of the boat and its design to enhance its performance, design a kit to keep the sailing team as safe as possible, give advice regarding diet, give training and mental preparation to the team as well as designing their team logo. 

Once the teams finalised their presentation, they were judged by a School Governor, students from Springfield School and our Year 11 Science Captain.  The top two teams have won a free trip to the INEOS Team UK Headquarters in Portsmouth, which houses the team’s entire America’s Cup operation from design, construction and development.

Congratulations to the members of Team 21, who were crowned winners on the day: Caitlin Odukwe, Nicole Tchikomo, Shannon Corner and Molly Kakoulli.

Runners-up, Team 30: Sion Astley, Amelia Goodenough, Amber Perch, Oliver Bryant and Callum Tomkins.

Stem Crew Day




Posted on: 06/01/2020