On 3rd December, Chartwells Catering Services delighted our Year 7 students with a live presentation of ‘Ready Steady Cook’.  The presentation began with questions and interesting facts regarding food, diet and nutrition.  Finally, it was time for the eagerly awaited competition to begin…..

In the red kitchen was Mr Cottle, who was joined by Lily Clements & Rhys Davies and in the green kitchen was Rev. Wood, who was joined by Molly Collacott & Harry McNeice (these students were picked from a pool of students with the most smileys).   With two very competitive teams, it was time for them to produce the best possible dish, with the ingredients supplied, in a time limit of 10 minutes.  During the cooking time, many students from the audience were invited up to the main stage to examine what was being prepared and share their findings with the rest of the Year 7s.

When the time was up, in true Ready Steady Cook style the audience of Year 7s voted for their winning team by holding up a red or green card and awarded a majority vote to the green kitchen.  Well done to Rev. Wood and her              winning team. 

A huge thank you goes to Chartwells Catering for a truly exciting event.

RSC Green TeamRSC Red Team


















Posted on: 06/01/2020