On Thursday 7th November, Sunbury Manor successfully defended their title at the 2019 Youth Speaks Junior Competition.

This year, there was a slight change. The intermediate and senior competition was split (the senior competition took place on 21st November) and Youth Speaks changed to Youth Debates with teams having to argue, between themselves, for and against a topic they feel strongly about.  In the lead up to the competition, the team worked incredibly hard, giving up most lunchtimes to rehearse their arguments.

On the night, there were four other teams present as well as members of the Rotary Club, three judges and The Mayor of Spelthorne – quite an intimidating audience for Harish, Amelia and Rebekah to face!

The Sunbury Manor Intermediate Team were first to speak and were outstanding - they definitely set a high standard for other teams to follow! Harish (the chairperson) was engaging, entertaining and successfully controlled the debate between Amelia (the proposer) and Rebekah (the opposer) who shared very different ideas about whether it is smart for teenagers to own a smart phone. Both Amelia and Rebekah spoke with such passion that it was difficult to pick a side of the argument to agree with!  It was brilliant to see Harish, Amelia and Rebekah’s hard work rewarded. As winners, they are through to the next round of the competition.

Youth Speaks Junior Team

After a tremendous show at the Youth Speaks Senior auditions, we chose three fantastic speakers, Fred Smith (chairperson), Callum Gibbons (proposer) and Nada Koulaouzos (opposer).  The chosen topic was whether prison should be punitive or should it rehabilitate prisoners.  Strong performances were delivered by all the team, Fred narrowly missing out on winning the chair award by two marks and Nada was just pipped to the post by one point for best speaker.  The event was held in Spelthorne County Hall and many local dignities were present, including members of the Rotary Club and the Madame Mayor. 

The students put in an incredible amount of work and felt that this was a very worthwhile project to get involved with as it improved their team skills and their use of spoken English language. Well done to you all.

Youth Speaks Senior Team


Posted on: 06/01/2020