Year 7 Paramedic Visit

On Thursday 17th October, SMS greeted paramedic, Rory Farrell, who spoke to 140 Year 7 students.

The students learnt about how the emergency service has evolved over time, the entry routes into the profession, what employers are looking for and what a typical day looks like as a paramedic. Students really enjoyed hearing about the common calls a paramedic receives and the stories he shared with them.

Please read the student feedback below:

"I enjoyed listening to what he does everyday and his experiences."

"The thing I enjoyed the most was being able to ask questions."

"I enjoyed finding out what emergencies happen the most."

"I enjoyed finding out how to be a paramedic if I want to when I'm older."

"I learnt how ambulances have developed over time."

"I learnt that you don't need to go to medical school to become a paramedic."

"I learnt that you always need to check the ambulance."

"I learnt that paramedics are very important and save lives every day without resting."

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Posted on: 25/10/2019