During October, SMS took part in the ‘Vocab Express League of Champions’.  This is a vocabulary learning competition mostly involving UK schools, but is also open to schools from around the world. 

This was a huge week for Spanish vocabulary and the students did the school proud!  Point after point through hour after hour of learning has meant that we have not only some lovely news to share as a team, but also able to celebrate many individual successes too.

Collectively the students’ efforts meant that we finished 2nd in our category (by the size of school), amassing a huge 371,440 points.

Individually there have been some monumental efforts—to the point where places for the podium were being fought for until the very last second.  After a week of competition, there  was only  a difference of 85 points (equivalent to less than 10 words) between 2nd and 3rd place.  A huge congratulations goes to everyone on this Genius list!

Spanish Comp Graph


Posted on: 25/10/2019