Throughout this half term many of our new Year 7s have had the opportunity to visit Sky Academy Studios in Isleworth to experience life as News Reporters.  It gave them a unique and innovative way to bring the curriculum to life, as they worked together with talented professional studio staff in a bespoke TV studio to create their own news report.  With the help of the expert team at Sky, students learnt about how to structure the news report and communicate their ideas to the audience. These trips covered many inspiring topics including: Social Networking & Healthy Living, Celebrity Culture, Future – Oceans & Plastic Pollution, Do Animals Matter and Space Travel.

“My experience at Sky Studios was not only fun and entertaining, but also educational and engaged me to learn in a way that I found new, exciting and very beneficial.  Sky Studios also allowed us to exercise our teamwork and communication skills as we worked together.” Reported by Amelia Joseph-Berry.

“The Sky Studios experience was absolutely amazing, one of the best experiences of my life.  After a short tour we got into our groups and thought about our script and our backdrops and even if we wanted a voice-over. We then went to the dressing room and got ready for the filming and editing. When we had finish we watched it back as a whole group.  Unfortunately, it was then time to go, but we were given a souvenir of a USB stick to plug into a laptop and watch at home, which I did with my family.”  Reported by Sophie Cuthbertson

“Going to the Sky Studios was a once-in-a life time experience. The Sky building was massive and the inside was beautiful and majestic. As well as making our own news report about social media we got to see some costumes from some movies, such as: Spiderman Home Coming and Bain’s suit from Batman.” Reported by Ali Naqvi

Sky academy

Posted on: 25/11/2019