During July, 140 Year 7s spent a very hot sunny four days at Blacklands Farm on the annual Year 7 Camp Trip.  Whilst there the students had the opportunity to experience many exciting activities.  Below are some reports from the students:

“Blacklands Farm was an amazing and fun experience, I thought that the activities were exciting and I wish I never left.  My all time favourite activity was kayaking because it was a new experience; I had an awesome time, I got drenched and had fun with the instructors. We all played fun games and got very stressed out trying to work out how to actually kayak, but we all got there in the end and had time in the lovely cool water” Reported by Rosie Simpson.

The best moment for me was Jacobs Ladder because it was such a good team exercise.  It was also a good way to build new friendships. Many thanks to the Trek Company staff for keeping us safe at all times and making us come out of our comfort zone and challenging us to just take one more step.  Blacklands Farm is a great place to unleash  your inner warrior, our trip to Blacklands Farm is a trip that everyone will remember.  A memory of all our friendships that we have built and challenges that we have faced.” Reported by Emma Ireland.

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Posted on: 19/07/2019