Many pupils in Year 10 have worked extremely hard this year to ensure they are succeeding.  To recognise this, pupils who have received no negatives, attended school every day for a year and are achieving well in their progress report were taken to Brighton Pier for the day. The weather and atmosphere in Brighton was perfect. Here are some of the memories of pupils that went on the trip.

“I am incredibly grateful that I was given the opportunity to go to Brighton and am thankful for all the organising that it required from the teachers to create such a wonderful experience. Although the drive was lengthy, it was definitely worthwhile; spending time on the pier with my friends was very amusing as we could visit the attractions and play on the arcade machines. Sitting on the beach to have lunch was delightful because I love to be near the sea, but the seagulls did find our picnic quite tempting!” Reported by Corinne Anstey

“The Brighton trip was full of unforgettable moments. An attack from a flock of seagulls particularly sticks out. My friend’s ice cream was nothing more than a memory once the seagull had its way. We are all very grateful for the school putting on this trip for us as we had a great day!” Reported by Dan McElroy





Posted on: 19/07/2019