On 7th and 14th of June, I had the opportunity to take twelve Year 7 students to the Twickenham Stoop, home of the London Harlequins’ Rugby Team. Here the students took part in different STEM activities that engaged and challenged them from the offset. In groups of three, the students were given a Lego set, an iPad and a set of instructions to follow to create a controller and a Lego car.  Using the coding software they were able to program the car to move faster, which allowed them to take part in a timed challenge.

Natural disasters was the theme for the following week.  Students had to identify the different natural disasters and answer questions set by the programme leaders. Next they created a helicopter, which again, they programmed using the iPad software.  This allowed the groups to rescue the animals (also made from Lego) from the identified natural disasters.

In addition, the students were able to use the virtual reality headsets to take them into a different reality; the students jumped at this opportunity as many of them had never experienced this before!  They all learnt many new skills and thoroughly enjoyed these workshops. 

Harlquins inside

Posted on: 19/07/2019