On Thursday 13th June, 25 year 9 and 10 students were lucky enough to attend a University at Work Day at the University of Surrey. The aim of the day was to look at how communication and language skills are important in a wide range of career pathways. Students started the day with a lecture from the NHS about how different agencies work together to prevent and deal with major incidents like floods, fires and flu pandemics! Next, students participated in a translation workshop where they learned the importance of listening and teamwork when communicating in another language.

Finally, the highlight of the day was a fascinating talk from the Army about the 200 different jobs you can explore when you join the Armed Forces. Our students had loads of questions and were very engaged with this, with some ready to sign the papers there and then! Overall a really useful day that opened our eyes to the many different career journeys that our young people could take. Well done to all students who attended and represented the school.

University at work day

Posted on: 19/07/2019