Thursday 23rd May marked a final farewell to the class of 2014-2019. Upon finishing their English Literature exam, we distributed Year 11 students their Yearbooks and Leavers hoodies along with hard earnt cake and refreshments.

“From the outset you have always been a year group so full of character and personality. I am so proud of all of the progress you have made and I am privileged to say that you are my year group. We will remember each and every one of you!

Watching you all work so hard over the last year, at revision sessions, weekend sessions and in school has been admirable. You really have set the benchmark high for other years to emulate! It should give you all a real sense of accomplishment and you should be so proud of yourselves. You have grown and developed into such lovely, caring and hardworking people; you have helped to make our school a truly wonderful place to work. I am so excited to see your results in August. Good luck in the rest of your exams.

Believe in yourselves, just as I have always believed in you.”

Mr Lebihan

Farewell Cake




Posted on: 04/06/2019