On 15th May, our Student Council were the first students to look round the new building.  Equipped with hard hats, hi-vis jackets, protective glasses and gloves, they were ready for the grand tour which began downstairs in the new dining area.  Mr Cottle explained how the new one way system , with one door to enter, a different door to exit, and a well-organised queuing system would ensure an efficient dining experience.  The students were able to look around the kitchen and even stood in the huge freezer – which was obviously turned off at the time!  Next, it was upstairs to the new Languages and Business Studies classrooms which impressed the students with their size and airiness.  Here is what some of the Student Council members had to say about the new building:

“Our eyes were intrigued as soon as we stepped into the new building. I’m sure that all the Student Council members felt jubilant yet curious to see the build; overall it was a tremendous opportunity to explore the site!” Harish Balasingam, Yr7.

“I believe that the new building will be very beneficial as there are more Year 7s coming next year and the new building means that there is sufficient space for everyone. Rebekah Cloake, Yr 7.

“The new building will be really good for everyone because there is going to be more room for learning and a bigger canteen. Amber Clark, Yr 8.

Student Council Build Tour


Posted on: 04/06/2019