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Once again, Sunbury Manor was given an amazing opportunity by the Rotary Club, Shepperton Aurora.  Each year, many young people participate in this program which involves a week residential at the High Ashurst Outdoor Activity Centre.  It is open to boys and girls from 15 to 17 years of age who enjoy participating as a team, social activities and want to learn the essential skills needed to survive as a leader.

Back in November 2018, the shortlisted students were interviewed by Lyn Derrington and Janet Matthews (members of the Rotary Club), Mr Wood (Head of Year 10) and Mrs Barrett.  The four successful students: Anwen Cockshaw, Maisie Roodt, Blake Oman and Davey Hinge attended the exciting week away during the Easter holidays which included activities such as assault courses, orienteering, night initiative test, problem solving, aqua sports, raft building and many more!  They even found time for a trip into London’s West End to see the theatre production of ‘Rip It Up’. Sunbury Manor School would like to thank the Rotary Shepperton Aurora for funding this incredible experience for our students.

"It was a great experience and the fact we were all separated from each other was a good thing as it gave us time to get to know other people and not just stick to the people we already know. It was an amazing time." Davey Hinge

“RYLA was one of the best experiences of my whole life. I learnt so much about leadership and communication and I had an amazing time meeting new friends. I would recommend it to anyone; it's full of adventure and new experiences and is guaranteed to push you out of your comfort zone in the best way possible! “  Anwen Cockshaw

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Posted on: 04/06/2019