On 3rd & 7th May, all Year 8 students participated in a Lego Robot Workshop. A company called Learning to Work, who deliver workshops supported by Heathrow volunteers, came to raise awareness about Heathrow apprenticeships and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) careers.

Firstly, we got into groups of three or four and the instructors from Heathrow and Learning to Work talked to us about the jobs that are available and the driverless pods at Heathrow Airport. Then, each group was given a pack with an instruction booklet on how to build a Lego robot. Each group followed the steps, created and named their robot.

Next, we took our robots to the racing lanes in order to find out the route our robot had to go and to help with the coding. We were provided with a laptop to enable us to code our robot to go the right route, in the lane given and to win the race. Lastly, each group put their robot into their lane and raced it to the finish line. Overall, it was a great activity.  Congratulations to all 4 workshop winners pictured.

By Daisy Murray and Fleur Felton


Winners v2








Winners v3


Posted on: 04/06/2019