On Thursday 31st January, two teams entered a problem solving challenge at Heathside School. It was a wonderful evening and great to see both our teams work so enthusiastically on the challenge.  As one student has written:

“I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to go on such a thoroughly enjoyable trip. Not only did it enhance my mathematical abilities, but it also required a variety of team building skills and knowledge on Physics to achieve a contraption that raised a sign and turned on a light bulb in the air (two actions) with one switch.

More points were awarded for the height and stability of the construction along with some given for the completion of the design sheet. My favourite part was the planning, as it gave us the chance to incorporate everyone’s ideas to create a final piece that reflected all of them. This needed a lot of thought as a group for us to come up with a decent solution that performed the task to a reasonable standard. Furthermore, the pressure of being under a time limit allowed us to focus on improving our time management expertise and the various tasks needed to be completed within certain boundaries of the hour and a half.

Despite our first assignment not meeting the time frame, we were resilient and still managed to complete the work. Even though we didn’t win and won’t be attending the next part of the competition, I really enjoyed the thrill of the experience and found it both interesting and fun.”  Corinne Anstey, Year 10


Posted on: 01/04/2019