“At school, we have a different Book Club for each year group. Once a month we have a meeting in the library to discuss the book we have been reading and to pick a new one. So far this year, we have read 5 books: ‘We are all made of Molecules’, ‘The Weight of Water’, ‘Shine’ and ‘Terror Kid’, which are all great books that I recommend reading if you haven’t already!

I like book club because you get to read a range of books in different genres by different authors and you can find a type of book that you really like to read. Oh, and you get biscuits! If you want to join book club, there is a board in the library (LRC) with the dates of all the year’s meetings. All you have to do is come along on that day and talk to Mrs Jackson or Mrs Watkins to see if there is space in your year group.

I really recommend that you just have a go at Book Club: I’m sure you will enjoy it!”

By Megan Neall, 8B1

Weight of Water

Posted on: 05/03/2019