Restore Packing 2Community Foodbank runs from St Saviour’s Church and for several years Sunbury Manor School have extended their generosity, by collecting food for this great cause. This year was no exception!

The foodbank exists to give members of our community a helping hand and with Christmas being one of the hardest times in the year to provide for a family, the demand on the foodbank is very high.  Please accept an extension of thanks from myself and the Community Foodbank at St Saviour’s for your incredible generosity again this year.

On Monday 10th December, 13 students visited St Saviour’s Church to help package the food donated by our school.   They worked hard whilst following instructions given to them by the church members and the Foodbank Coordinator, sorting hundreds of cans of tinned food and packing them into parcels ready for collection.

 “Please let me express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for all the hard work you and your students/team provided the Community Foodbank with, during a very busy time in our year. Thanks for the support and generosity, it was something so great; watching them take charge of the areas and communicate well with each other.” Claire Hopkins – Social Transformations Pastor at St Saviour’s Church.

“Thanks for working hard, for keeping focus, for listening and following each instruction. Thanks for using initiative and representing yourselves well. You all played an important role in this busy time of year for the community team. Thank you for your dedication, time, for caring and good attitude. A real credit to Sunbury Manor. We look forward to having you all back in 2019.”

A big thank you to Davey Hinge, Rosie Slotte, Blake Oman, Evan Matthews, Charlie Upfold, Robert Loader, Bilal Roula, Louie Muldowney, Louie McQueen, Frank Warren, Ben Casserley, Presley Slade and Amy Taylor.

Restore group

Posted on: 14/12/2018