On 6th December, our fab four Riley Clarke, Lisa Fernandes, Megan Neall and Reggie Fear attended round 2 of The National Maths Awards.  Although we do not yet know the outcome, here is some fabulous feedback from the competition organisers:

“Thank you for attending round 2 of the competition; we hope the team enjoyed the experience!

We were greatly impressed by the way the team clearly demonstrated taking on their feedback from round 1 and further developing their team strategy for round 2. There was clear delegation amongst the team, which greatly helped in their efficiency to ensure all challenges were worked on. The team demonstrated key leadership qualities that resulted in team moral remaining high throughout. They were observed collaboratively deciding on a clear and systematic recording strategy that allowed them to showcase their understanding in writing. The team’s verbal explanations throughout, were clear and structured and successfully demonstrated their thought process.

We would like to end by congratulating the team, as Sunbury Manor were the highest scoring on the day, their working out has been progressed onto our Head Office team for further marking. We hope to hear back soon in regards to whether or not Sunbury Manor have progressed onto the final stage of the competition.”

Well done to the team, we cannot wait to hear the results!

Posted on: 14/12/2018