On Friday 23rd November, our Year 8 students took part in our annual Health Day.  Please see below a report written by Maddie Wells.

Health Day was the chance for Year 8 to experience enjoyable activities.

Heath Day is an important opportunity at Sunbury Manor for students to participate in five different workshops: CPR, body image, knife crimes, online grooming and mental health & illness.

Friday 23rd November was special because of Health Day!!  Each workshop lasted an hour, which was enough time for every student to discuss, listen and learn about all the information provided.

The groups ranged from 20-25 pupils (10 groups) each having a regular school teacher and one activity having a specialist visitor.  The students thoroughly enjoyed each activity, especially CPR.  In CPR, each pupil had their own dummy and practised chest compressions and mouth to mouth.  Deputy Headteachers, Mr Cottle and Rev. Wood ran the CPR activity and some students said, “They taught CPR really well and it was not boring at all”.

During the online grooming video, students learnt to be safe online and not to play with, talk to or accept friend requests from strangers.  Staying safe online is very important, so this is why more health days should be provided.  When the specialised visitor came in, she talked about mental health & illness and how to relieve stress.  Many people have dealt with a mental health worry throughout their life and that is why health days are important to children and teenagers.

Overall, Health Day was a very successful day for every student.

Health Day Body Im

Posted on: 11/12/2018