6th to 14th October marked this year’s Biology Week and Sunbury Manor had a whole host of activities to get involved in with this year’s theme of health and disease. The Biology department opened their doors at lunchtime for some exciting practicals. Well done to all of the students that participated.

“ I really enjoyed biology week and I have learnt lots of new and interesting things that I would not have learnt normally. These experiences have made me think more about what a biologist really is and what they do. I have been to all three activities that biology week offered. I enjoyed all of them and learnt a lot along the way: the different parts of a heart, how to diagnose diseases from your wee and how easily germs spread. Overall I have really enjoyed biology week.” Written by Rebekah Cloake,Year 7

“On Friday 12th October, we went along to take part in the ‘Pesky Pathogens’ workshop. We started by rubbing a grainy liquid called ‘GloGerm’ on our hands. After four minutes we then went to wash our hands with warm water and hand soap for two minutes.
Next, we were given UV torches. If the light shone on some of the liquid left on our hands, our hands would glow. Surprisingly, most of us had glowing areas all over our hands, mostly under our nails and on the tops of our hand.

The point of this experiment was to see how effective our hand washing method was against bacteria. It showed us just how hard we have to clean our hands to wash most bacteria away and how they can easily spread. We also talked about the correct hand washing method and that hand washing is especially important in professions such as doctors, vets and surgeons. I really enjoyed the ‘Pesky Pathogens’ experience and I would like to thank the members of staff that made it possible.” Written by Megan Neall, Year 8.


Written by SMS News
Posted on: 31/10/2018