On 25th and 28th of June, the GCSE Geography students went to the river Mole to carry out their GCSE fieldwork case study, here's a report from some of the students who took part.

"At each of the six study sites, we had to measure the depth, width and speed of the river. We also had to measure the sediment size and spherity. Personally, I enjoyed the sense of teamwork and the river, which helped cool us down on a hot day. The teachers who went with us made the day very enjoyable; they allowed us to walk from some sites to others in the river. At the end of the day, we were allowed to go to a local café so we could cool off and copy up the data from our group.  Overall, it was an educational yet very exciting trip, which will help further our GCSE grades." - Emily Cross and Sophie

Nicole Watkins recalls, "On Monday 15th June, year 10 geography students went on a natural geography field trip to River Mole in Box Hill, Sussex.  As part of our GCSE course we had to record width, depth and velocity at different points of River Mole, as well as recording different pebble sizes, river observations and the variety of flora and fauna around us. This was to prove if our hypothesis that these three measurements will increase as you go down the river was correct. Upon arrival, we went straight into the river with our metre sticks and tape measures and as a team wrote and recorded different measurements both upstream and downstream. It was a hot day and majority of year 10 were more than happy to get straight into the river and get a little dirty with our clipboards and wellington boots. The trip was very educational and a great end to the natural geography aspect in this gcse course."





Written by SMS News
Posted on: 16/07/2018