Year 10 Students at Sunbury Manor School took part in the Brooklands & Strode’s College taster days on the 26th June and 10th July. The College taster days are designed to help students in Year 10 that are currently considering applying for College places when they leave Sunbury Manor School.

The visit was designed as an introduction to what the local Colleges can offer our students and to enable them to experience life as a sixth form student. The college taster days gave our students the opportunity to sample a range of interesting, active learning experiences, including A level and vocational courses, provided by the colleges. The subject sessions were accessible to a wide ability range, so that all students attending could benefit.  Both students and staff commented that the college taster days were very enjoyable and informative to all the students.

Casey Brockbank said "I really enjoyed the Taster Day at Strode’s College because it gave me a clear idea of what college is really like. I think it’s very important that schools attend these day trips because the students can have a good feel of the place and see what subjects would be best for them when they apply. I really enjoyed following the timetable that was given to me; it gave me confidence and independence. The Student Ambassadors were always on hand to help, which made me feel reassured and calm. The Taster lessons were of a good, substantial length and the staff were very helpful and informative. Strode’s College, for me, was very successful in giving me an insight into what college life is like and I now feel more prepared for 2019."

Likitha Yadav recalls "My experience at Strode's was impressive. The college ensured that all of us got a real essence of what the lessons and the methods of teaching were really like. The staff and teachers were really co-operative and helpful. The lessons were very interactive and gave us a clear outlook of what A-levels will really be like. The classes were fun and interesting. The best part about the college is that it offers us more than 48 courses to choose from, giving us an opportunity to pursue a variety of careers. Overall it was a delightful experience!!"

Joe Levy said "I had a really good day at Strodes, we had to choose four subjects that we were interested in taking after school so I chose: Music Technology, Drama, English and Geography. My favourite subject was Music Technology; I got to use a certain music software on the computer where I had to make my own drum rhythm. I found it really interesting as this is something that I haven’t done at all at GCSE.  I now have a lot more insight in to what this subject is all about. It was also really good to speak to students from other schools who have similar interests to me. Overall I thought the day was really helpful for me in understanding what subjects are for me and also taking in everyday college life."

... and finally Stan Bear shares his experience, "I was very excited to go to Brooklands because I saw all of the activities and opportunities the college had to offer and I got an idea of how college is and what kind of subjects you can take at Brooklands. Everyone got to choose what course they wanted to do for the day and I chose Business. When we arrived we got a pep talk by the Principal of the college, Gail Walker, and were given a tour of campus and shown each building and their purpose. The campus is huge and has over 20 subjects.  We were then introduced to Nicole and Yardenna who taught us Business, it was a fabulous and very educational experience for me."

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Written by SMS News
Posted on: 16/07/2018