Spanish studentsDuring the last few weeks of the summer term, we have again played host to a small number of Spanish students who have become part of the Sunbury Manor community.  The scheme is run through a company called UK2Learn and the four students who have come this year (three in year 10 and one in year 8) come from different parts of Spain. Having finished school for the summer in their country, they decided to spend part of their holidays with us to improve their English and have a real adventure.  All of them have a ‘buddy’ in school with whom the go to every lesson and they stay with families who also have children at the school.  Our three year 10 students (Alejandro Campos, Patricia Torres and Maren Fernández) came to us last year so it was a pleasure to welcome them back and a real treat for the ‘buddies’ and friends to reunite. 

Our year 8 student, César García, has fitted in brilliantly and has thrown himself into school life even to the point of joining after-school clubs.  We all hope he returns next year.  My thanks go to the host families for accommodating the students and being so welcoming and to their ‘buddies’ in school for helping them and involving them in their friendship groups.

The Spanish students with their buddies are pictured above. (David Trindade, Finn Mason, Niamh Mason and Casey Brockbank), Alex Mackie from UK2Learn and Mr Douglas.

Written by SMS News
Posted on: 13/07/2018