On Thursday 3rd May ten year 8 students enjoyed a visit to the University of Surrey to learn all about the Health Sciences. Students leart about the various roles within the healthcare profession, including paramedics, nurses, midwives and OPDs (operating department practitioners).

They learnt how to assess ‘patients’ using real NHS systems, practised their recently developed CPR skills and even mastered how to wash their hands properly! Students used black light to see how effective their handwashing was and were horrified to see the potential microbial hazards they were walkingSci day 1 around with!

The students then had to work a major incident as paramedics and ‘triage’ multiple casualties. Students were shocked to see how quickly life and death situations had to be made by people on the front line, and reported how much respect they now had for emergency services.

They ended the day with a session with a currently practicing GP, who talked to them about their career as a doctor.

Overall, a fantastic day which opened the eyes of our students to the various options for a career caring for others and saving lives.  Below are some photos of the day.





Sci day 2

Written by SMS News
Posted on: 14/05/2018