Poppy factory

The new Year 8 Interact club were offered an exciting opportunity to attend the Poppy Factory to learn all about the work and the importance of remembrance. Students experienced a fascinating presentation and introductory film about the factory and its history and then move through the museum area where they got to make a poppy and see some of the wreaths and poppies the factory have made throughout history.

Here's what some of our students had to say:

"When we were at the poppy factory we listened to a presentation all about the work of the poppy factory and how the poppy became the sign of remembrance in the UK. After the talk we were taught how to make poppies by hand and had a competition between the two groups.  We then made a wreath which the school brought back to take on the Battlefields Rrip next year." Juliette Searle Year 8 - Interact

"I enjoyed making the poppies and the wreath, especially as one of the wreaths we made is going to be taken to the Battlefields Trip and laid down in remembrance.  We worked with a man who had fought in the war and he was telling us exciting war stories! I think it is important to remember the soldiers and people who died in the war, because they died for our rights and freedom and many innocent lives were lost." Leah Doore Year 8 - Interact

Poppy club

Written by SMS News
Posted on: 14/05/2018